Tings to Know About Pool Care

In this series I am going to cover some basics on pool care that you should know if you are a homeowner or a pool service technician. There are a number of things that fall into this basic category and I will go over a few of them here. Of course, there is a lot to know about a pool overall but knowing these things will get you by.


The filter and filtration are key. How much does it matter if your pool filter is running well or not? It is the difference between a pool that is cloudy with algae, has poor flow and can’t hold the chlorine level and a pool that is crystal clear and balanced. If your pool is struggling, chances are the filter needs some attention.

If you have a cartridge or D.E. filter take it apart and clean it. With a sand filter you can backwash it and see if that improves things. After cleaning the filter if you notice little improvement chances are the cartridges need to be changed. If they are old, say 3-5 years old they have reached their life expectancy point. The D.E. filter grids may look fine but if they are 4-6 years old I would also replace them. With a sand filter you can change the sand if you notice that backwashing did little for the pool’s water quality. The pool’s filtration and filter play a big part in how the pool will look and how difficult it will be to maintain going forward into the season.

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