Living Debt Free is true freedom!

How to live debt free

My Pool Guy and Gal Coaching Site and being debt free are two thing that I am very proud of. The coaching site came about two years ago when I was thinking of a way to connect one to one with other pool professionals besides emailing and posting comments on YouTube. I saw a need in the industry that needed to be filled and being debt free allowed me the time and resources to pursue and create the coaching program.

Owning a debt-free pool company

Being financially independent frees me to create my content and work on my sites without the time constraints of a 9 to 5 job. I don’t have a mortgage debt, a credit card debt, a car loan or any other kind of financial burden that would take my focus from the job of creating my content. Outside of my weekly pool route this allows me to have the time and resources that I need to host something like my coaching program. I get many text messages and phone calls each day and I am available to help those in the program in real time with their questions and problems.

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