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Need a Custom Pool Designer?

The design of a custom swimming pool can be done by a professional online. If you are in the planning stages of building a new inground pool read below for some tips of how you can find a qualified swimming pool designer.

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Online Pool Design Help to the Rescue!

Before I send you to this great online pool design resource that I found, let’s look at a few basic principles of the beginning of your backyard swimming pool design. After-all, it’s not only the pool itself but also the surrounding landscape and other outdoor living elements that make up the entire project and should blend together seamlessly.

Budget first, or Budget Last?

In terms of figuring out what the final project amenities will be definitively, there are two basic approaches to balancing the budget with what we want in our projects. If you do not have any idea of what the budget will be, but you are sure that you can qualify for the maximum funding, then your best approach would be to head straight to the design process, and begin receiving custom pool quotations. If you have already determined what your total project budget is, then with that in mind you can begin the pool design process to begin reeving custom quotes based on what you know you can afford.

Time to design your new custom pool.

It is always best to lurk around at custom pool design photos to see what is out there in terms of custom pool design features, special pool lighting, custom water features and even fire features are very popular in 2017. This pool design takes 4 steps to complete and will help you get a great idea of the price for your new custom pool. You can choose the type of swimming pool to be a gunite, vinyl, or fiberglass pool and then make your custom selections for additional custom pool features. It is very detailed, and can even lead to helping you find construction financing for your new pool project.

So if you are ready to go, get started designing your pool

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