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So by this point you have made the decision to install a new swimming pool, meaning you have researched your budget and have some idea of the type of pool you want, you know, the basics. Now, where to start? If you are not sure if your backyard budget can include a pool with the type of features you want, mak sure you are doing your research. You are going to have 2 different ways to install the pool, one you may have not known about.

The more obvious way to install a custom design pool is to hire a pool contractor, everyone knows that. Pool builders prices will vary and will usually be out of your budget range, and their goal is to get you to sacrifice on what you could have for sake of their profit margin.

The other option, not so well known, is to Build Your Own Swimming pool with the help of an online swimming pool design service that provides you will all of the plans and resources needed to become your own pool builder. This is a little known but extremely helpful service for homeowners who want to maximize their backyard budget, allowing them to see more room in their budget for the things that make them happy. We will be expanding a bit more on how this online pool blueprints service is helping home owners and also pool companies and home builders with their pool design needs.


If you have decided that building the pool yourself is the best way to go, you are going to need a bit of help, support and advice along the way. If you are looking for how to build a swimming pool step by step you want to make sure this is going to get done correctly. Here are some of the best resources that we can find on DIY swimming pool construction:

Swimming pool construction process

The process of building a inground swimming pool takes between 6 – 10 weeks to complete and involves 12 major steps overall.
Resources for the details of swimming pool construction:
how to build a swimming pool pdf
how to build a pool yourself

Online Pool Blueprints

3d pool design plans are available online by a few providers. These services are for the DIY homeowner who needs a solution for building their own swimming pool. You can order a full pacakge of pool design plans ready for construction and it even comes with support to help you through the construction process.
Resources for online swimming pool design blueprints and plans:
pool construction software

online pool blueprints
swimming pool design layout pdf
outdoor kitchen design plans


Now that you know this service exists and that you have the potential to save many thousands of dollars on a new pool installation the question is which one is going to be the best provider of this service and how will you know? We have taken a look at the top 3 providers of online swimming pool designs who offer the services and here is how they stack up to each other:

1. Your Pool PLANS

Our number one choice would be Your pool plans because they offer this service in a very intuitive format. Useful for all types of DIY people, owners, builders, and even pool companies. This company simplifies the pool design packages and allows the buyer to purchase only the integrations they need to make their pool plans work for them. Not to mention their pool designs look very modern and up to date with swimming pool design trends.
Contact their social media:

2. Build Your Own POOL

This is a second choice for us. A bit more expensive and does not include all of the built in features and inclusions from the Your Pool pLans packages. Although still a good option just make sure you compare them all.
Contact their social media:


Most pool designers are not using paper to draw a pool concept, at least not when scaling and presenting to their customers. To design a swimming pool you really need to have the experience to know what will / will-not work in a practical & functional manner. Not that you have to be the expert at pools to build one yourself but that you do need certain experience in some parts of the project and the design / construction plans are one of those parts.

As Anthony puts it:”Time to design your new custom pool. It is always best to lurk around at custom pool design photos to see what is out there in terms of custom pool design features, special pool lighting, custom water features and even fire features are very popular in 2019. This pool design takes 4 steps to complete and will help you get a great idea of the price for your new custom pool. You can choose the type of swimming pool to be a gunite, vinyl, or fiberglass pool and then make your custom selections for additional custom pool features. It is very detailed, and can even lead to helping you find construction financing for your new pool project.”
Quote Source =


Much of the same with pool designs goes for landscape designs, not only around the pool but all around the property, and this can also include the landscape lighting design to go along with it.
Resources to get your landscape design plan with or without a pool

landscape design plans for installation
landscape lighting layout plans
landscape lighting installation prices


Several years ago this might have been hard to find if not impossible to get, but the fact that a pool design for construction services exists online is a reflection of our advancements in technology. Homeowners are taking advantage of the DIY approach to things all around the house and the backyard is no exception. Building your own swimming pool is becoming a popular topic due to the money it saves and the fear it eliminates, especially with all the pool companies in the news lately (for negative reasons). So, there are a few people who we found that are talking about the topic of becoming your own swimming pool builder, and here is what we found – maybe you can get some more info and start building that dream pool you’ve been putting off.

Talking to swimming pool builders

“Constructing a custom swimming pool can be an amazing process. It is an investment to your property, your free time, and your lifestyle. In choosing your custom pool company, choose an experienced one that will build you a pool and will also transform your backyard into your dream paradise.”

The 3D Pool Design was awesome!

“It was very cool to see how accurate the pool designer was able to mimic our backyard with the pool right in place! We were able to see a video that was 3D also, where you can move around the mouse to look around, so cool! This is what was so helpful when we were planning our pool design, it really gave us a sense of scale, and aided in the layout & placement details.”

Swimming Pool Owners Resource Website

“You can even consider building swimming pool yourself and save thousands so that you can get more for your budget.”


This is more of a link list section to help you find related information on swimming pool topics and content.


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Building your own swimming pool is certainly a solid option these days, and we recommend that you look into it more to see both how much you can save on the pool and if you are cut out for the job. If you are a custom home builder that includes pools into their designs plans you can use a service like this to include the construction of the pool along with the new home. If you are a pool company that can not meet the demand for new sales and designs you can use this service to help your sales team keep up. Home owners can build their own swimming pools from a service like this which includes all of the documents and resources needed to get the job done.


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