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“There are many reasons why I use Pentair, and the way it all works so well with the automation is one of them. With the right relays, we can also hook up lights, ceiling fans, and anything else that’s electric so the customer can control everything with a cell phone. Not all automation systems are like that.” —Bob Shehan, owner, Shehan Pools

Bob Shehan, owner of Shehan Pools in Florence, Ky., designs and engineers majestic poolscapes for demanding and discerning clients all over the globe. He builds for a range of budgets, but his best work is the kind few can afford.

A couple of years ago, he fielded a call from a fellow Kentuckian who’d been pitching his pool ideas to area builders, looking for someone special who could build the very ambitious backyard he had in mind. The centerpiece of his vision called for rocks framing a large natural-looking pool to match what he’d seen while staying at high-end resorts, and he was having a hard time finding a reliable partner. Shehan says the customer was losing hope and about to give up.

“He’d been talking to some other builders, including one who said he could do what the customer wanted, but I think after he looked into it a little the guy realized his company hadn’t done anything like it previously,” Shehan says. Essentially, the builder planned on figuring things out once he’d secured the lucrative contract.

“In the pool industry, that’s not something you want to just try to figure out on the fly,” Shehan says. “The rock in the project we completed for him is all man-made, and that’s what we specialize in. The other guy he was talking with wanted to use real rock. Well, that’s a massive amount of weight and height for a structure the way we do it, much less one with actual rocks.”

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